Splash Free Wander Water Bowl – Blue

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The Splash Free Wander Bowl from Kurgo makes it easy to provide water to your dog even when the car is in motion. It has a unique wedge design that means it lies flat on a car seat, and its high sides minimize sloshing and splashing. Fill the bowl at the start of your trip and you won’t have to stop for water breaks. Also good for messy kibble eaters, as the tapered lip reduces the amount of kibble that can be thrown around.

Made with food-grade silicone
Dishwasher safe
Holds 24 oz (710 mL)
Can be used for food or water
Tapered lip reduces splashing and contains kibble for dogs who push their food out of the bowl
For best results with liquid, only fill halfway
Use ice cubes to further minimize splashing and keep water cool


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