Kurgo Core Cooling Dog Vest

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Your dog is your constant companion and best trail mate, but on those hot days or extra-long hikes you worry about keeping him comfortable. The Kurgo Core Cooling Vest is the perfect way to keep your dog cool so you don’t have to leave him behind. Simply wet it with cool water, wring it out, and strap it on. As the water evaporates, your dog’s temperature lowers. When it’s dry, you just wet it again and keep going.

Cools the back and chest of the dog
Uses prolonged evaporation to create cooling
The light color & reflective material deflect the sun’s heat
Can be used over and over; just wet with water when dry
Made from lightweight materials
Machine washable
NOTE: This coat runs SMALLER in the chest than our other coats. Please measure your dog and consult the size chart before ordering.


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